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fatlazyless 12-24-2018 04:07 AM

... hula hooping w/ 6-lb hula hoop
For about $55 to 60, Amazon has two different hula hoops made by HEALTH HOOP that weigh 6.17 and 6.84 lbs which are the heaviest hula hoops that I can find.

I started out with a 3.5-lb hula hoop, and after about a month got one of these six pounders just to give it a try.

Hula hooping does really good things for your health, fitness, and strength over-all because it is fun to do for about 20-30 minutes with loud rock'n music, and it definitely strengthens and slims your mid-section, abdominal muscles, and hips. It makes you feel stronger and faster for game like tennis or pickleball.

The six-lb hula hoop is much wider or thicker than the normal thin hula, and has many knobs on the inside, similar to teeth on a circular saw, so it sort of grinds off the fat from your mid-section with each revolution. Not really, but you understand what I am saying.

While it does make you look a little goofy while doing the hula hoop, it gives you some great mid-body slim down, and increases over-all strength and good health with the HEALTH HOOP brand of hula hoops. They are expensive at $55-60, but worth it because it is well made, durable, long lasting, and fun to do.

Can be done inside or out, but outside even in cold temperatures is a better experience with the loud music blasting away. It become a type of repetitive exercise personal happening that works the abdominal muscle groups and eliminates mid-section fat you always want to lose.

If I could find an 8 or 10-lb hula hoop, I give it a try, but probably it does not exist.

If you want to add 35-years to your life, live to 102 with strong health, hula hooping will achieve this for you .... you understand!


pondguy 12-24-2018 07:15 AM

I find hiking the best way to stay in shape since I retired. Twenty miles a week keeps the Doctor away.

fatlazyless 12-24-2018 08:47 AM

Yes, without a doubt, hiking is totally super-duper ...... plan to run up the Lion's Head to the right of Tuckerman's Ravine ..... bring the hula hoop ..... and do those hula moves on the top there of Lion's Head ...... using the old wood snow shoes for climbing that snowy, steep trail ....... next sunny, warm day:D

mcdude 12-24-2018 05:17 PM

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If you're looking for a new toy to play with forget the hula hoop and hook yourself up with something like this. Endless hours of fun! You're welcome and Merry Christmas!!

garysanfran 12-24-2018 07:48 PM

Conjours up a visual...
I find disturbing...

Send videos!!!

fatlazyless 12-25-2018 02:05 AM

..... turn up the volume
The weighted hula hoops made by Health Hoop are all marketed for woman, with woman's type of colors, but individual results can be achieved for male or female, body slimming will vary, and it really works good on areas of the human anatomy the new hula hoop-er never thought could be slimmed and strengthened in the past.

So, do yourself a favor ..... lose the fat ...... get a weighted HEALTH HOOP hula hoop and start hula hoop'n to music for 20-fast, loud minutes, three times per week ..... to lose the fat. Hula to the left ..... hula to the right ...... round & round & round .... faster or slower or faster ....

Could be an excellent Christmas gift for yourself ....... and merry hula hoop'n in the new year ..... is fun and gets easy to just keep hula hoop'n outside in the cold winter with a hat, gloves and thin jacket ..... just be sure to turn up the volume on that workout music ...... power up the old boom box.

As already mentioned but worth repeating: If you want to add 35-years to your life, live to 102 with strong health, hula hooping will achieve this for you ...... you understand!

For a super-duper self Christmas gift, take a look at the most expensive $73.99, 5-lb weight (free 14-day shipping comes all the way from South Korea) Dynamic W, Health Hoop brand, weighted hula hoop at Amazon ..... go spend the big money and get the most expensive hoop they make! It will maybe make you black & blue, around your waist, for the first week, while your waist heals and adjusts to this new exercise, and then no more black & blue.

With the black & blue, first week, sore waist area, you know it is working ...... NO PAIN - NO GAIN! ... :eek: .....beginner weighted hula hoop techniques with Jeanette Ryals demonstrating smooth hoop..... 5:33

All the more expensive weighted hoops made by Health Hoop have knobs on the inside, somewhat similar to saw teeth on a circle saw blade, and they work better at grinding away the fat. After those first week black & blues, your body strengthens up, and no more black & blues. And, results will vary .... like no kidding! ..... Health Hoop factory video, three years old, from South Korea, a very strong manufactor: ... 3-4-5-6 lb weight hula hoops with interior knobs..... 18:50 .... after three years this has just 643 views so who knew!

You basically stand there for 10-15-20 minutes, outside, on your mega-million dollar waterfront Lake Winnipesaukee dock, with the loud music rock'n, and go hula-hoop'n ..... to the right ..... to the left .... is pretty simple ..... and it works good for fitness, speed, and strength .... plus, is fun to do .... and yes it's a little goofy look'n but so what .... it works.

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