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fatlazyless 12-24-2018 10:22 AM

... new sign at Waterville Valley
Very recently installed, and located at the entry to Waterville Valley, the Town of Waterville Valley now has the largest "Welcome to (town name)" sign in the State of New Hampshire ...... as far as I know? It measures about ten to fifteen feet high by about thirty feet wide(?), is located at the entry to town, and actually looks totally fantastic, blends very well, and every time I see it ..... it looks better and better.

A photograph here would be very informative, because a picture is worth a thousand words .... as you know.

After dark, it gets lit up by about four or five different lights.

Design includes a large masonry stone tower, mountain peaks silhouette design, a brief message ... colors: either dark green or brown (can't recall?) and white letters

So, what's up with this new sign? Well, a lot of skiers and riders take a left, and head up to the ski area mountain, and never-ever hit the town by driving straight ahead. Last March, a warrant article concerning constructing this new sign got passed by one single vote on town election day.... and the design-construction process started to roll forward.

How much did it cost? My guess is maybe $20,000 for site work, design, building, electric ...... maybe $30,000 all told? ..... who knows? Maybe $40,000 ..... ? I actually have no idea ..... except it had to be a lot of that town money?

The many different businesses and activities in Waterville Valley include a number of restaurants, bars, pizza, hotels, condo rentals, huge indoor ice skating rink, ice hockey, figure skating, broom-ball, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, fat tire winter bicycling, snow tubing, 9-hole beautiful mountain golf course, 18-outdoor tennis red clay courts, 2-indoor shaggy green tennis, 3-indoor pickleball, huge indoor swim pool, hot tub and sauna, huge heated outdoor pool, retail clothing, Namaste Yoga w/ Helen, Book Monger books - a real book store & Toad Hall Toys - a real toy store .... the best books & toys around, and walking about five miles of outdoor, town maintained, happy s'now cleared sidewalks ..... all the long winter ...... good for winter walking .... mountain bike trails/summer and this new, large sign is a welcome type of a sign.

"Welcome to Waterville Valley" is a fairly simple, iconic, and straight ahead type of a sign that really blends good, will be here forever, helps to define and introduce the town ...... understated and informative and welcoming!

As Tom Corcoran might say ..... 'It's a hell of a good sign, and a welcome addition!!!' ..... and he built this place, so he would know.

TiltonBB 12-24-2018 12:04 PM

New Sign
Here is that picture FLL forgot to get! :)

pondguy 12-24-2018 03:39 PM

I just got home from hiking in Waterville Valley the new sign looks great.

fatlazyless 12-25-2018 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by TiltonBB (Post 305622)
Here is that picture FLL forgot to get! :)

The mountain peaks silhouette design must have been a later addition ... as a photo will show ... because the sign outline on top is somewhat similar to Colorado license plate with the mountain peaks on top. The top of the huge sign board has two large and one smaller peaks on the top ….. as the sign design evolved ….. 50-years from now in 2068, the smart money says this very same sign will still be there, totally unchanged ….. what a sign!

fatlazyless 02-03-2019 06:51 PM

.... and, here's the new sign
...... and, here's the new sign ... ..... at about 45' x 15' must be the largest "Welcome to Town" sign in the State of NH ... close to same size as a semi tractor trailer's van trailer

It looks like it has been there for years ..... is a great fit ..... and looks best when covered with snow, all over, the day after a snow storm, on a sunny day.

And supposedly, the decision to make this sign was placed on the town ballot in March 2018, and it got passed by exactly one vote. How about that!

All things considered ..... after a few month's in place ...... it's a wee bit too plain Jane ..... what can be done to jazz it up ..... maybe a smiling snow flake face that says "think snow" like those old bumper stickers used to say ....... placed on an upper corner ....... yes, that's what it needs ...... a happy snow flake! ... :p ... think snow!

And, just read a newspaper article on the new, huge sign in the latest WV Wig Wag, the local town paper, and learned this sign is partially located on federal property, in the White Mountain National Forest, within the U.S. Dept of Agriculture and the Forest Service, and partially on town land next to the big town entry road, and absolutely nothing on the sign including the seasonal icons can be changed without first getting permission from the WMNF, so it is unlikely it will ever evolve into anything like the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign ......... oh well ..... and, any pink flamingos perched out front will probably be removed ... too bad.

Maybe the Forest Service would agree to Smokey Bear getting on board this large sign here? .......... seems like Smokey could be a good fit here .... like .... 'Only you can come to Waterville Valley!' .... and don't forget to bring your green stuff ...... credit/debit card or cash! ...... (Smokey's famous smiling but serious face here!)

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