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Diver1111 08-13-2017 10:23 PM

Upside-down Pick-up truck-Moultonboro
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Found this last year, only getting to it now.

Side-scan-sonar image was lousy but still useful and I did not stop to take another pass at it with the sonar at that time because I had alot of ground to cover however I did grab the target and get its Lat/Lon because I knew I would be back to check it out.

Due to the the trenching around the target by cusk, I knew the it was man-made. For some reason cusk are are really attracted to man-made objects but I have no idea why and this phenomenon is very consistent. Anytime I see such trenching around something that interests me even when I cannot tell exactly what it is, I know I have to dive it.

Truck is an International and all in all not in bad shape. Cab is down in the silt/mud in a big way. I did a quick dive on it about a week ago and visibility was just miserable. There were white flakes in the water column I call snow, and like driving in a snow storm I sometime need to dial back the brightness of my light to a lower lumen setting to stop the blinding effect of reflection. Water in this area of the lake is already the color of ice tea even at 25.

The powerful lights on the ROV make it look alot lighter/brighter on the bottom than it really is. Considering how shallow it is the conditions were very difficult. As with the wreck off Bear Island at 104 feet deep I posted, the ROV power was cutting in and out resulting in the robot stopping and starting, hence the shakiness.

I am working on seeing how I can get into the cab to see what's there. Hopefully nothing but given how shallow this is the truck had to have flipped really fast.

Don't know why it's on the bottom but there are a few possible reasons about which I will not speculate in public.

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Grant 08-18-2017 02:58 PM

Cool find. And that's odd about the cusk -- I've only seen them on wrecks, and fairly consistently, too.

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