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4 for Boating 08-12-2021 02:05 PM

Glass Half Full
Don't want to be a buzz-kill here but as we are now looking at the back 9 of the 2020 summer, I wanted to get some opinions on the topic of winter storage. So our home marina provides the below 3 options - we have always gone with OPTION #2 but #3 is half the cost - anyone have any thoughts on enclosed <> covered rack <> shrink wrapped in terms of value of money?

Some say shrink wrap traps moisture inside...

1. Total enclosed
2. Open outdoor rack but covered roof
3. Shrink wrapped exposed to the elements

We do not have a trailer.

LIforrelaxin 08-12-2021 02:33 PM

My boats have always been stored shrink wrapped and left out in the elements. I have never had any major issues doing this, and as you note the cost difference can be considerable. The only thing you have to be careful with is making sure that adequate ventilation is provide so you don't build up condensation under the shrink wrap.

Truly to me the only storage solution that warrants considering the difference, is when you look at heated vs. not heated.

Some people may argue that things stay warmer in a fully enclosed solution, but honestly at some point the inside will hit freezing....

I could ramble on here but I will not.

root1 08-12-2021 02:34 PM

Good Afternoon,
Storage in an enclosed garage is best. No rodents, UV exposure, theft/vandalism, moisture, etc problems.

Good ventilation is a key element in boat (and cord-wood) storage. That being said, shrink-wrapping CAN BE bad if positive ventilation is not provided and snow allowed to accumulate.

A good compromise might be a mooring cover (allowing the boat to 'breathe' better), in some sort of covered rack or lean-to.

Just my opinion,

TiltonBB 08-12-2021 05:42 PM

Shrink wrapping is fine. I did it for years when I needed to but I always left a couple of the Damp Rid moisture absorbers in the boat. That helped with any mold issues. As others have said, good ventilation is a must.

I threw in a bunch of dryer sheets. The critters don't like the smell and tend to stay away from the boat.

I also asked the shrink wrapping people to cover all the way down the sides of the boat to help with fading from the sun. That seemed to help.

Descant 08-13-2021 07:34 PM

We were boat shopping a year ago. Many shrink wraps, some indoors some indoors with a light plastic cover for dust and bird droppings.
I used to do my wn cnvas cover, but too much work when it was cold and rainy on a fall weekend, so we went to shrink-wrap. Always please with that. We've had a boat in valet, so partially covered and our own canvas; it s under cover, but not as well protected as shrink-wrap. Depending on the size of the boat and wait list, indoor storage is #1. If you're storing a $100 K+ boat, are you really worried about spending/saving $100?

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