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jbess 05-13-2008 06:16 AM

Ames Farm launch
Hi all,

I'll admit right off the bat I did not search this, but, are the boat ramps at Ames Farm still open to the public ($20/launch-recover) despite their legal troubles?

TIA, Joe

Wolfeboro_Baja 05-13-2008 12:03 PM

jbess, I just called Ames Farm to ask them the question since I launch/retrieve there myself (this will be my 10th year using their facility).

I was told the launch ramps ARE open and the launch fee is still $20. The only restriction they have is they can't park vehicles in the large field (I believe they were referring to the field that's usually quite wet and is closest to the launch ramps) but I was assured they had other parking areas available for trucks/trailers.

Hope this answers your questions!! :)

jbess 05-14-2008 06:14 AM

Yes, thanks!

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