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C-Bass 05-22-2020 09:36 PM

Wild Hogs!
I saw a dead hog (Not a motorcycle) on the side of the road on 25 today near Moultonborough Falls. Could be someone's pet pig or farm animal that escaped. I have seen one before at least around here, let alone road kill. Kind of unusual, anybody see or hunt hogs in the area? I have family member that lives in Texas and I heard they do billions of dollars in crop damage. So much so, they shoot them for sport from Helicopters. Hopefully there are not any invasive wild hogs in the area. They will do some damage.

Top-Water 05-22-2020 10:02 PM

Check here as well. As you seem aware they can be a bit of a problem if the population gets out of control.

TiltonBB 05-23-2020 06:57 AM

I have never seen wild hogs anywhere but in Florida. A few years ago 4 of them crossed the road in front of my car. A lifelong Florida resident told me that going hog hunting is a "thing" in Florida, like deer hunting in NH.

I admit to not being real tuned to animal things. About 15 years ago, the first time I went out on a jet ski in Florida, I panicked when a fin went by me in the water, about 10 feet away. Then the person I was with told me it was a dolphin, not a shark. Much better!

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