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ApS 08-18-2021 04:10 AM

Lost, Then Found, Now Sorta Lost?
A long-ago friend stopped by--by boat--asking, "Have you seen my sailboat? It disappeared from its mooring overnight!"

I hadn't seen it, even after weeks of NOT seeing it attached to his mooring-- which I can readily see. :confused:

So, the next day, a next-door neighbor advises, he'd seen it towed by the NHMP. :eek2:

Unfortunately, I don't have a way to connect to the owner, but somebody on Tuftonboro Neck may be able to help (without naming names). The owner's father was [the late] Roger, and Tuftonboro Neck has a cove named after the family. ;)

I've checked the latest telephone directory--no luck. :(

Can someone here advise?

tis 08-18-2021 04:39 AM

I know who you mean. Are you looking for a phone number? The son's name is Steve.

ApS 08-18-2021 04:49 AM


Anyone having Steve's number, please send it by PM.

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