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The Winnipesaukee Forum is provided as a free service to anyone interested in the Lakes Region. It is not a free-for-all forum like many internet message boards. Although it is open to everyone and we encourage your participation, we insist that posts are relevant to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, and that members do not violate the rules & guidelines.

The stated goal, mission and purpose of the Winnipesaukee Forum is:

"To facilitate communication and an exchange of information which is productive and beneficial for those interested in Lake Winnipesaukee and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire."

To that end we watch carefully what is posted and we reserve the right to moderate, restrict, edit or delete messages for any reason. We will use our judgement to moderate these forums in the way we feel is most appropriate to facilitate our stated goal. By using these forums, you agree to abide by these conditions and accept our moderation decisions.

Our hope is that the Winnipesaukee Forum will provide a friendly and entertaining environment for the enjoyment of anyone interested in Lake Winnipesaukee. Please feel free to join in or just look around!

Posting Guidelines
If you follow these guidelines the moderator will have nothing to do:

Remember that you're on the Winnipesaukee Forum & PhotoPost

Only post messages, pictures and comments that are directly related to Lakes Region topics and activities. No sports, religion, politics or chit-chat please.

Use Public Media Standards as a Benchmark

The tone and content of your message should meet the same general standards required of a newspaper column or "Letter to the Editor". Before you submit your message, ask yourself if it would be accepted by the editor of a newspaper or magazine.

Be Polite

Always show courtesy and respect, even when you strongly disagree with another person.

Have Something to Say

This is not a chat-room. Not all messages must be momentous but we prefer messages which actually contribute something. Try not to post one-liners or "chat-room" like replies.

Don't Flood

Don't post excessive numbers of messages or comments. Posting more than a few messages or comments in a day is excessive and may get you moderated or restricted.

Stay on Topic

When replying to another message, try to stay with the topic of the thread. Open a new thread if you want to change the topic.

Check Your Spelling

Good spelling and grammar are held in high regard on this Forum. Please use a spell checker and reread your message before and after posting.

Don't Post Nonsense

We can't define it here but we know it when we see it.

Take Your Agenda Elsewhere

If you are here to conduct a crusade or push an agenda you'll have a problem with the moderator. Members are expected to participate in a friendly and helpful way and to respect everyone's views and opinions.

Forum & PhotoPost Rules

To post messages and pictures you must agree to the rules and policies detailed below.

Winnipesaukee Forums

  • Your question or comment must be relevant to Lakes Region tourism, activities or topics.

  • Advertisements of any kind are not allowed.

  • No profanity! (that includes tricks to avoid the filters)

  • Do not post in ALL CAPS. Messages posted in all caps will either be converted to lower case or deleted.

  • Do not post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, slanderous, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, racist, hateful, harassing, sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law.

  • Do not reprint copyrighted articles without the owner's consent.

  • If you don't agree with something expressed on the Forum respond with your opinion, don't get personal! Your comments and opinions are welcome, personal attacks, insults or flames are not.

  • No "trolling" (trying to start arguments and upset people)!

  • No "flooding" (posting messages so numerous that they overwhelm a thread)!

  • The moderator reserves the right to remove, edit, move, moderate or restrict any post for any reason.


  • Only pictures taken in the Lakes Region of NH will be approved.

  • Advertisements of any kind are not allowed.

  • Pictures posted must be the property of the user or used with permission. Any picture believed to violate a copyright or believed to be copied from another site will be deleted.

  • Do not "flood" PhotoPost with comments. Comments are intended to add information or ask questions.

  • The moderator will screen all posts to keep unrelated or objectionable messages and images out.

  • The moderator reserves the right to remove, edit, move, moderate or restrict any image or post for any reason.

Any violation of these rules may cause all or part of a message to be deleted or edited. Repeated violations will result in moderation or complete loss of posting priviledges.

All posts are reviewed by the moderator. The moderator reserves the right to remove, edit, move, moderate, restrict or close any message or thread for any reason. The moderator will enforce these rules at his sole discretion.

Why is there a delay before my posted messages appear?
Normally posted messages appear immediately but when the moderator is concerned about a member's posts that member may be "moderated". The most likely reasons are violations of the rules or guidelines but anything the moderator considers a "red flag" may result in a period of moderation.

Moderation is not banning or censorship. It just gives the moderator a chance to review and approve or reject a member's posts before they appear on the forum. Although rare, a member can be completely banned for repeatedly violating the rules and guidelines.

Moderated members should review the rules and guidelines and be sure their posts comply. If several acceptable messages are posted and approved the moderation may be removed.

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