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03-05-2009, 09:45 AM
From the Gilford Steamer

The library is pleased to offer its patrons a number of trail maps covering a diversity of terrain. The latest addition to the library's collection of maps covers the entire Ossipee Range. The Trail Bandit Ossipee Mountain Map is the work of Bob Garrison of Henniker, NH. Bob, a.k.a. Trail Bandit, has given a limited number of maps to the library and all proceeds from sale of the maps will be donated directly to the library. Bob says that his inspiration to create a map of the Ossipee Range started with a chance encounter with Dave Roberts, (our own winni forum's and photopost's dcr)a mapmaker in his own right, about 7 years ago. Since then, Bob has hiked every trail and logging road with a GPS and printed the map now available to library patrons. The detailed maps are waterproof and available at $5/each. How did the library begin offering trail maps? As a community resource, it just seemed like a natural way to help local residents learn more about the town of Gilford and surrounding areas. Originally, the library had trail maps that people could come and review before heading out to the trails. But, it wasn't long before library employee, Anita Hewitt, came up with an even better idea. She proposed making color copies and offering maps to library patrons charging for production costs only. Since that day, the library is oftentimes the first stop that hikers, bikers, and skiiers make before hitting the trails. In fact, it's not unusual for library staff to field phone requests from folks in the North Country, Massachusetts, and beyond. Trail maps of Lakes Region areas include: Belknap Mountain Range, Mount Major, Gunstock Ski Area, Weeks Woods and Ramblin Vewe Farm. Cost of maps range from $2 - $3 each and are available for purchase at the circulation desk. Thanks to our trail map designers: Bob Garrison, Dave Roberts, Mike Ware and Weldon Bosworth.

Some of these maps may also be available at the Gilman Library in Alton

03-05-2009, 02:30 PM
The Gilman Library in Alton does have copies of Dave Robert's trail map of the Belknap Range, three versions actually. They charge $1.00 a copy if you want to walk (hike) away with one. There are quite a number of geocaches in the Range, something to make the hikes a little more interesting.