View Full Version : Caverly Mountain Details

04-17-2008, 02:31 PM
Hello Everybody, new member here ... Fr Maine Res now living in FL. We've been vacationing in Maine & NH for several years now during the fall. We really enjoyed the Lakes Region, Mt Major and Roberts provided us with incredible views! This year we know we want the Rattlesnakes, Red Hill & and something along the southern end. What I've found so far regarding Caverly Mountain sounds like just the choice, but I'd like to find more insight than I have now.

From the Delorme Gazetteer there appears to be two trails to the top. Any insight pertaining to trailheads, the trail bed, length and other particulars would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be other options as well, so alternative hikes are welcome too. Below is some of our shots from last year. We loved it!