View Full Version : Winter Boat Storage

Old Hubbard Rd
05-31-2004, 11:00 PM
At the suggestion of several of my neighbors I used Independant Marine out of Moultonboro this past winter for 1 of my boats. I use a different marina for my 2nd boat. The 2nd marina is much further away therefore they charge lots of $$ for pickup and delivery (this is the marina I boat the boat from and have it's warranty thru). I just wanted to try a local storage place thats why I went to Independant Marine. I must say that it was not a good experience. I made arrangement 2 1/2 weeks ago to have my boat delivered to the Meredith Docks. I said just leave the keys. They said because they were just leaving the keys in the boat at the dock that they would get it they in the AM. When I arrive about 3PM the boat was not there. I called and they said it was on its way. I then told my wife and kids to go home and leave me there as the boat was on its way. About an hour later after waiting in the rain the boat arrived. I work in a service related industry and my clients would not deal with this and neither will I. So, Don't use Independant Marine. Sorry for the bad press although its important for people to know who's doing a good job and who's doing a bad job.