View Full Version : Suggestions for Restaurants (and others too)

Old Chris Craft
05-09-2004, 10:37 AM
Here are some suggestions for business managers or owners that were prompted by personal observation. I'll skip the names of the businesses where these scenes occured since it is not necessary to make the point.

I stopped into a local sub shop to get some lunch. While waiting in line, the manager or supervisor thought it was an opportune time to reprimand the girl ringing up an order. I realize employees need some direction when not doing their job properly but yelling at them in front of customers is not they way to get the point across. Not only do I find it embarassing for the employee it only motivates the them to complain to me, the customer, after the manager walks away. If yelling is necessary take them into a non-public area and do it and please stop making a scene.

Why do fast-food restaurants have to put the least experienced person in the drive-thru window? It's at the point where I won't pull away from the window until I check the bag for the correct order. This must be annoying to those drivers behind me but I got tired of having to go back to get the rest of my order or the correct food.

I brought my entire family out for the evening and stopped into a local business to check out a new item they were offering. As we waited for service, the owner/head manager stepped up to a young man working there and erupted in a rage over the volume of music being played. It did not seem to be loud but must have been louder than allowed. While the kid is getting yelled at someone who appeared to be middle management walks up and promptly gets the same treatment from this person. His closing remarks to both of them were if he heard that music again they would both be fired. We did not need to hear any of this.