View Full Version : Christmas Tree Shopping

11-25-2006, 09:29 PM
Saw a couple loading their christmas tree into there boat today in Meredith. How cool is that!

11-27-2006, 12:24 PM

Don't know if that was us you saw on saturday... but here is a pic I took after we loaded the tree onto the boat... It was a great time!


Weirs guy
11-27-2006, 01:29 PM
Woodsy, you now have the perfect argument for getting a bigger boat, so you can get a bigger tree! Quite the way to get it home though, beats the back of my truck.

11-27-2006, 03:37 PM
Way cool Woodsy!Where did you get the tree on the lake?

11-27-2006, 03:46 PM
Across from the Meredith Town Docks you can get a nice tree. Nice Picture Woodsy...

11-28-2006, 09:26 AM
Like WeirsBeachBoater said, I got across from the town docks in Meredith. Pretty reasonable price for an absolutely gorgeous tree. Getting a tree by boat is a great way to close out the season. I'll pull the boat this weekend and send her off to hibernate under shrink wrap...

Thanks for the nice comments...

BTW... the Meredith Town Docks are all roped off... weird


11-28-2006, 06:01 PM
Yes, It was you guys! Must have been a fun day!