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Just Sold
09-22-2006, 02:27 PM
Mini Mount in Her winter hide away. I happened upon her inside storage by accident and I will not reveal where she is.

See Photopost.http://www.winnipesaukee.com/photopost/data/502/medium/100_0053.JPG (http://www.winnipesaukee.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=10207&size=big&cat=500&ppuser=628)

09-22-2006, 04:50 PM
I know where, but I won't tell either. Neat to see out of water.

09-22-2006, 06:41 PM
What a tease! Can I take a guess?

09-22-2006, 07:09 PM
I don't wish to be called picky, but in looking at the above photo of the Mini Mount indoors on the trailer, I noticed that the wheel house looks to be out of scale in reference to the rest of the boat. The wheel house is too wide on the Mini Mount and it has 6 window panes. The Big Mounts wheel house is narrower in respective size and it only has 4 window panes on the front of the wheel house. There has to be a reason for this oversight in building the Mini Mount as an exact scaled replica of the Mount.

09-22-2006, 07:54 PM
Can we make this a contest? See who can correctly guess where it is?

09-22-2006, 08:01 PM
Can we make this a contest? See who can correctly guess where it is?

I think I`ts stored at Irwins.


Weirs guy
09-23-2006, 10:23 AM
OK, I'm just not ready for either of them to be off the lake. :(
In years past wasn't it displayed in Irwins front window during the off season?

09-23-2006, 10:27 AM
yeah there is a picture somewhere in the photopost of it outside irwins about to get lifted out of the water.