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Kona Bay Girl
04-07-2004, 07:06 PM
Since I was born I have been spending parts of my summer up at the Lakes Region. Now, 17 years later, my family has bought a water access property in Moultonborough. Needless to say, the environment in Moultonborough is definitely different than what I've been growing up with.

Especially if I've been staying along Meredith Neck.

The many areas of Lake Winnipesaukee are so diverse, it is truely a lake for everyone. When boating out in Meredith in a 15 foot Dixie, it's refreshing to exit the crosswakes and take the channel to Center Harbor or cruise Moultonborough around Black Cat Island. Possibly the best time boating out of Meredith would be the morning, where there's no traffic in Paugus Bay or around Governor's Island. Usually, even on weekdays, boating along Meredith is usually treacherous -- because the size of the boat traffic, not the size of the boats themselves. (I've been in the Dixie, an 18 ft Sea Ray, a pontoon boat, a Fundeck, and a Yamaha Jet boat, so I tend to know what I'm talking about. All the people complaining about the standard offshores probably didn't see the yellow CAT out cruising Meredith with it's 3 300hp Mercruisers a few years back. It didn't even have an open top; that sight is the EPITOME of scary.)

Moultonborough is much more laid back. Besides travelling to Meredith for a week, my family has rented a cottage along Moultonborough Neck for several years. Only Bass Boats and PWCs travel through there. A neighbor of ours was able to kayak across the lake with no problem. However, Moultonborough Neck gives an easy access to the broads or Center Harbor. The resident my family has bought is situated in a the cove with the extremely extravagant boathouse. It's a central location to the rest of the lake, but serves as a safe haven if traffic is getting rough.

However, while I am contantly making comparisons between the two, they are entirely different experiences. Meredith is the place with all the excitement; being able to sit on your dock and watch the Weirs fireworks is a definite plus. Sitting on the rocks while the wake of a Cabin Cruiser or Houseboat hits you is amazing as well. North of that, in Center Harbor and Moultonborough, you can shut off and drift with no worries (unless you've fed the ducks, then you have everything to worry about) but can still find a ton of things to do.

Starting in May, I'm going to have a haven of my own to play classic rock or watch the thunderstorms from the deck. No computers, no cable television, no distractions. For 8 weeks I can hang up my Masshole title and become a temporary resident of New Hampshire.

I'm counting down the minutes.