View Full Version : Johnson's Cove in Wolfeboro

01-03-2006, 05:06 AM
Owned by one person in its entirety since WWII, Johnson's Cove is a clear, cold, murky but historic site. Large wetlands drain into it through several streams, with the greatest flow in Spring. All those brooks may now be increasing their flow due to extensive pine tree "trimming".

Johnson's Cove appears as "Ike's Cove" on some charts. Could it have been named for an Ike Johnson? Unknown here....

The former owner's name was the late Brad Frankum of Massachusetts, said to have been a WWII "Daddy Warbucks". His "Shadowbrook" residence is that dark, foreboding and gloomy dark house adjacent to the east. It is not unusual to see deer drinking from the lake in the middle of the day there. Except for the signs that say "Keep Out", Frankum allowed Johnson's Cove to "go natural". (For the most part, much of neighboring Camp Wyanoke did too).

Two beaver lodges were built there starting about 20 years ago. Beavers are seen every year in the neighborhood, but the lodges themselves have not been well maintained. It's possible that they are being systematically trapped and/or that their food-trees are being "trimmed" too enthusiastically by the new owner.

Brad Frankum, who died in his 90's, was the owner of the wooden Cris Craft "Sea Witch", whose mass exploits on weekend nights I've recounted elsewhere on this Forum. To my knowledge, he never wrecked it. He kept a 22-foot wooden steamer as well, secured at his 50-foot dock. (It was that red-colored dock that floated away one spring, and which presence I warned of here at the Forum. It was not rebuilt or replaced).

You'll recall that "trees were trimmed" there last winter? Developers started bulldozing on the steep, unbuildable, side...starting this New Year's Day!. So it looks like this history will have to be built up -- going backwards!

There may even be some politics involved of late. Remember the "No-Rafting" bill that went nowhere last year? Think Johnson's Cove. Just one lot is for sale there for 4 million bucks. (Not that legislation could be affected by such considerations).

I hope we can collect some "before" photographs of Johnson's Cove here before it's too late. My sole contribution is currently in 35mm slide form and, when converted to a digital photograph, will probably be the first photograph ever taken there to appear here.

Anyway, I'll bet even McDude doesn't have a postcard or photograph of the first, pre-war commercial structure built there. Ooops...probably shouldn't have written that -- I'll bet he does!

Anyone got photos/aerials of -- or in -- Johnson's Cove? That "Mecca" for rafters?